Janelle is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Π ∩ ϟ and is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics and a member of the Audio Research Group (ARG) at the University of Waterloo studying nonlinear acoustics. Her thesis focuses on nonlinear acoustic sound waves propagation in brass musical instruments. Janelle has also been teaching/coordinating honors math classes at the university since 2011. She wrote a paper on the importance of mental health awareness in post-secondary institutions, specifically focusing on math students, and is interested in integrating Industry 4.0 technologies into the classroom. Overall, Janelle is devoted to empowering her students and instilling a sense of awareness and well roundness into them.

Concerned with the direction of STEM education and the integration of technology for such subject matter, Janelle cofounded Π ∩ ϟ with her partner in life and science, close friend and brother. 


Gamifying Education

Learning STEM subjects can be challenging, especially if the material or problem of interest is difficult to visualize. We firmly believe that it is time to embrace the gamification of education because it enables people to explore with the freedom to fail and experiment.

Our team is working on creating bite size post-secondary STEM VR education demos - if you have an idea for a VR lesson, or want to get involved please contact us!

"The world isn't changing fast enough for me, so I cofounded Π ∩ ϟ to help the shape our future." -Janelle