Eric is a former biophysics student turned video game developer. He has been working on an international project to gamify education, socialize research and accelerate development using video game technologies. Eric is the Chief Technology and Architect Officer (CTO) of Π ∩ ϟ and his goal is to establish a platform that will promote STEM literacy, creativity, and help create a dynamic digital economy.

His work began after participating in the Big Data VR Challenge hosted by Wellcome Trust and Epic Games in 2015. For development, Eric uses the Unreal Engine 4 platform alongside the HTC Vive VR headset. He believes that VR shows great potential for biotech research and the visualization of such information and Eric has been working to integrate the necessary tools to open the door for bioinformatics researchers everywhere.


“Imagine you’re learning to dance but not by dancing, by examining still photos of others dancing. This seems to be analogous to how we teach math (STEM). The problem here is one of dynamics - equations on a board are lifeless and considered boring. The beauty of maths is how your imagination can dance and fuel creativity and innovation. We want to create an experience on a platform that enables people to learn for themselves without the barrier of poverty, access or aptitude. Studying intuition and creativity in an ecosystem tailored to education, research and industry will also offer a unique glimpse into the human condition. Education would no longer just be a privilege for those of wealth but an opportunity for all.” -Eric